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Horse Training Clinics

If you are interested in improving your horsemanship and getting outside you comfort zone, come join me at one of our horse training clinics! The only requirement to attend a clinic is that you need to be interested in improving your horsemanship, having fun and sharing the experience with like minded people. We try to create a safe learning environment where there is no judgement, criticism only acceptance and mutual respect. We really hope to see you at clinic nearby soon!

EH Mentoring Programs

Kick start mentoring program

Our mentoring programs will help when you need it the most, at home working with your horse. We understand the fears some horse owners have around taking their horses out to clinics or lessons to get the help they need and I want to bridge that gap and help you conquer your fears and get equipped with the knowledge and steps on what to do next to achieve your own horse training goals.

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Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy it! Our mission is Helping Horses – Helping People and we hope to get the opportunity to meet you down the road one day soon!

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