3 Times a Week Challenge

Ok Team – I’ve got a challenge for you!

Lets face it, we all need to spend more time with our horses (me included!) We all need to ride more and I really want to help you make that happen.

A Jim Rohn quote jumps into my mind “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

I’ve created this challenge to make you show up and ride at least 3 times a week.  And, for all the over- achievers out there, this doesn’t mean you have to stop at 3, you can go for 4, 5, 6 or 7 days if you like!

This challenge will be the first of many to help our Elite Horsemanship community overcome some of the challenges that we face when owning and riding horses.  I know how life gets in the way, responsibilities, family, education and work all seem to present themselves when you are trying to find the time to hang out with your horse –  I get it! We can’t create more time, all we can do is commit to making the most of the time we do have with our horses.  This challenge doesn’t involve me showing you what exercises to do when you work with your horse, what you do is completely up to you. It might be a trail ride, perhaps some groundwork, it might be some softening or flat work exercises or maybe you will just be hanging out with your horse.  Whatever it is, make sure it is fun, enjoyable and stimulating and please don’t forget to share your progress with us all. Sharing your experiences with others who are on their own horse journey allows us to learn from one another and help each other out when we need it.  This is a big part of the journey!

Here’s how we are going to run the challenge!

Step 1 – Decide 
Decide that NOW is a good time for this to happen, I mean NOW, today, this week, right now!  You are going to work your horse 3 times this coming week. Once you consciously decide, the battle is half won – now just let the universe lead the way.

Step 2 – Schedule it
Schedule 3 x 1hr sessions to work with your horse this week.  Pick the times, locations and days, be specific make sure the reminders are in several formats that will make you follow through – your phone, your work calendar, on the fridge, written in your planner, whatever will make you show up and follow through!

Step 3 – Do it!
Now make it happen – get out there and practice the ritual of working with your horse on a consistent basis.  Not only will your horsemanship skills improve, your horse will appreciate some quality time with you. And guess what, there are going to be several challenges that show up the day before you are about to start…  Trust the process and stay committed to the time you have allocated – let all other things slide (within reason…Health and happiness come before a schedule but trust me you need this little push to stick to the times you’ve allocated!)

When you discover that working with your horse 3 times a week creates some incredibly rewarding results and growth for you personally, guess what is going to happen?! You got it, you’re going to want to do it more!  So up the scale, go for 4, 5, 6 then if you are completely insane and horse mad why not go for 7 days!

Enjoy the challenge and thanks for joining me on the very first “3 Times a Week Challenge”!   As promised, this is about the community we create – we’re going to be having a Facebook live chat tonight the 23rd of January at 8pm, and at the Start of the “3 Times a Week Challenge” on Sunday the 28th of January at 8pm.  Then another Facebook live chat at the end of the first week on Sunday the 4th of February at 8pm to check in with the team, this will be a place to share our experiences on what we overcame, the comical challenges that showed up throughout our week and most importantly how you felt and how your horse responded throughout the process.


Thankyou again for joining me and I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

All the best,

Justin Colquhoun

Hi There! I’m Justin Colquhoun. I founded Elite Horsemanship out of a dream to make real and effective horsemanship available to anyone at any level in the horse industry.