Introducing some variety  

Hope you are all well and enjoying some horse time! I wanted to share with you all some of the variety training that has helped my own horsemanship of late.  Circles can get pretty boring after a while.. for both horses and riders alike.  Over the last few years I’ve challenged myself to find new ways to interact and connect with my horses and its forced me way outside my comfort zone. 

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Get some routine

If you want to get the most out of working with your horse, try creating some consistent routines.  I find when working with a large quantity of young horses, unknowingly one the first things I teach them is a bit of structure and routine around their interactions with me. They get caught, handled, ridden, hosed off, tied…

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How do I get my horse to slow down, relax and lower its head?

I get asked this question regularly both through my EH member community and at my clinics all around the world and it's a very common challenge people face when training their horse at home. One simple training technique I get my students to try and overcome this issue is the serpentine. The serpentine in my training program is an exercise that redirects your horses energy and starts the process of allowing your horse to travel in a collected frame.

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Are you a horse whisperer?

Of course I am not. Well maybe, actually I don’t know…. I don’t even know who I am anymore!  If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me the question ‘Are you a horse whisperer?’, I would be a rather wealthy.  I always approach the answer to this question with a humorous…

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Why Horses?

Why are humans so fascinated with horses?  What is it about horses that intrigue humans?  Why are some people completely drawn to horses from a very young age, with no apparent background or history with horses?  Why do some humans still want to ride horses, even when they are dealing with crippling fear around what…

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Do horses really enjoy being around me? Or do they just want to eat?

Hey Team, Something I’ve been pondering of late is ‘Do horses really enjoy being around me? Or do they just want to eat?’  On my quest to figure out this horse and human connection I have been trying to ask myself better questions in a hope that I will get some more concise answers.  Asking…

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When to Release

I think one of the greatest skills to master when working with horses is finding the precise moment to release.  I believe horses learn most from the actual release, not the pressure or cue. It's that moment when they are provided comfort or relaxation in an exercise that the real lesson sinks in.  Finding the…

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No Shades Of Grey

Hey Team, One of the common issues I come across on my travels is what I refer to as the phenomena of showing your horse 'too many shades of grey'. Let me explain. I believe our horses are looking for a clear direction, a way they can succeed, that keeps the human happy and then…

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