What My Clients Are Saying...


Hervey Bay, QLD

If you want to be a better human for your horse and you are ever offered the opportunity to work with Justin Colquhoun, take it. Take it in a heartbeat.

He’s a beautiful horseman. But more importantly, he’s an inspirational teacher. He’s gloriously practical and rooted in the earth, yet at the same time he makes you feel that you can rise higher, defy gravity, leave earthly things behind. It’s one of the happiest paradoxes I have ever encountered in my entire horsing life.

The red mare that I rode the three and a half miles home was a different thoroughbred from the one I set out on at eight this morning. He had not whispered in her duchessy ear, or done any fancy pants magic tricks. He had changed me. A shift in perspective here, a new idea there; a small course correction, a novel notion, a swerve in emphasis, and the thing was done.
‘Ah,’ said the red mare, as we moseyed through the silver birches, ‘that’s better.’

That’s better. It doesn’t sound much, does it? It felt vast, as if the very planet had swung on its axis. I saw the world with new eyes.

The happiness and peace of this grand mare mean everything to me. She’s really a very ordinary horse. There are thousands like her all over this green land. To me, she is an incomparable, fascinating creature of endless complexity. She is beauty, because she is truth. She’s the heart horse that you are lucky enough to find perhaps once in a lifetime. She’s the one that changes everything.

She needs me to be better. So I strive to be better. And today, thanks to a generous, smiling gentleman, I got better. And she was pleased. She told me so, all the way home.

Tania Kindersley – Scotland UK


Maleny, QLD

I recently attended a 3-day clinic with Justin in Tamworth and highly (highly!) recommend his clinics!

Justin has an amazing ability to see what is going on for each horse and rider pair then to communicate simple shifts in riding to improve how the horse is working. It is this ability to communicate that makes Justin really very special! The entire clinic was so relaxed (complete with music to keep us all having a good time!) and yet we achieved so much!

Personally I have had the best rides on my now 15 year old quarter horse I have ever had… he feels more balanced, collected and switched on to me than I have ever felt him and this was all achieved with barely picking up a rein. Thank you Justin, I will be back for sure!!
Nerida Richards – Tamworth NSW


Belli Park, Qld

My daughter and I recently attended Justin’s clinic in Tamworth. Justin is a brilliant communicator – both with horses and humans of all ages! My daughter is only 10 and she has come away with so much to work with, as have I. His depth of knowledge and genuine desire to improve the lives of horses and handlers was evident. We are definitely going again when he returns – money VERY well spent. Highly recommended and cannot thank you enough Justin

Harley – Tamworth NSW


Eumundi, Qld

Both my mare and myself cannot thank Justin enough for his help during our recent 3day clinic.

Justin has a unique ability to put both human and horse at ease, communicate his expertise in plain words and motivate all present with his patience and encouragement. Of all the clinics I have been too – this one had me leaving full of excitement & positivity for the future.

I whole heartedly recommend Justin’s clinic for anyone who wishes to advance their own equine experience. For all the parents of up and coming horsemen & woman – pls send your kids to Justin! The three children within our group moved ahead in leaps and bounds & most importantly they left with smiles on their faces and fire in their bellies.
I look forward to attending the very next clinic with Justin that I can & I will be sure to bring my daughter along also.

Thank you to Justin for sharing his special gift & Thank you to his family for being so giving of his time – all for the sake of the horse.
Olivia Carson Tamworth NSW


Caloundra, Old