Education = Fulfillment

Elite Horsemanship Education Fulfilment Photo

I’ve had the pleasure recently of completing a number of horsemanship clinics around Australia, offering this form of horsemanship education to people from all walks of life has been one of the most rewarding experiences.

It has made me realise the more I give the more I get, not in any materialistic kind of way but in the realm of fulfilment.  I want to share more, do more and be more.  My original dream for Elite horsemanship was to…

Connect - Innovate - Educate

This has slowly but surely come to fruition and I’m looking forward to opportunity of sharing more in 2017! Please check out our Horsemanship Clinics page for our upcoming clinics in 2017 – it’s going to be a big year for the EH Team! We have a number of clinics booked across Australia and aboard. I too am on a journey of discovery and constantly want to improve my horsemanship skills. I am planning on spending more time with some great trainers and industry professionals to learn and share their tips, secrets and techniques with you. My aim is to help you unlock your horsemanship potential!

Thanks for joining me and stay tuned…

All the best.


Justin Colquhoun

Hi There! I’m Justin Colquhoun. I founded Elite Horsemanship out of a dream to make real and effective horsemanship available to anyone at any level in the horse industry.