EH Kick Start Graduate Mentoring Program

Thank you so much for partaking in the EH Kick Start Mentoring Program, now you have successfully completed our ‘Kick Start Program’ we are super excited to welcome you to our graduate monthly mentoring program. 

I hope you have enjoyed taking the journey through the kick start program as much as I have. I thank you for your willingness to share and for getting outside your comfort zone! This is just the beginning! We are going to be speaking each month and keeping you on track with your goals.

I believe for you to get the most out of this mentoring program when we show up on regular basis to keep the momentum up, and that is precisely what we are going to do for those taking on the graduate mentoring program.  We are going to be checking in monthly to ensure you stay focused and on track with your horse training goals. I guarantee the growth you are seeking is just beyond your comfort zone.

You will be able to book in calls just like the kick start program there is an interactive calendar that you will have access to and be able to register the best times that suit you each month and we can lock the calls in, easy!

Kick Start Graduate Mentoring Program Inclusions:

  • 1 x mentoring voice/video call sessions (per month)
  • Unlimited email support during the program
  • Interactive calendar access to schedule calls
  • Free life time access to the EH Kick Start Mentoring Program private Facebook group