EH Kick Start Mentoring Program

The EH Kick Start Mentoring Program will help when you need it the most, at home working with your horse. We understand the fears some horse owners have around taking their horses out to clinics or lessons to get the help they need and I want to bridge that gap and help you conquer your fears and get equipped with the knowledge and steps on what to do next to achieve your own horse training goals.

We will cover issues relating directly to your chosen sport and/or area of focus whether you are riding or just handling your horse on the ground. Examples of what we can cover in our EH mentoring programs:

  • Developing rider confidence both on the ground and in the saddle 
  • General horse handling issues (grooming, biting, won’t stand still, washing, etc)
  • Working with foals and young horses (catching issues, leading, etc)
  • Introducing your horse to new experiences and stimulus
  • Float loading and transporting issues
  • Training with obstacles and working at liberty
  • Basic and advanced ridden techniques and application
  • Developing connection and understanding with your horse
  • How to read your horse through physical signs
  • Fixing forward issues and working with lazy horses
  • Working on speed control and horses that rush
  • Establishing true collection at all gaits
  • Video reviews – send me the videos and we can workshop the issue during the call

I look forward to meeting you on our first mentoring call! 

Cheers, Justin

Kick Start Mentoring Program

$ 49/session 4 session package for a total of $196.
  • 4 x 30-45min Voice/Video Calls
  • Unlimited email support during the program
  • Calls scheduled at agreed intervals (weekly or fortnightly)
"I totally recommend this mentoring program. I am based in Canterbury, New Zealand and I have had a number of mentoring sessions with Justin. They helped me and my horse enormously. It was great being able to analyse the videos with Justin, we could freeze frame the video and really see what was going on. It was also an opportunity for me to ask a lot of questions about building a fitness programme for my horse. I'll be signing up for more sessions." 
Sue Ruston
Canterbury NZ