Elite horsemanship - mindset audio series

Ok so lets be clear – the only way you are going to conquer your fear around horses is with your mindset.
You need to set the game up to win. If your mindset is not 100% confident in what ever it is you are doing, eventually the cracks will appear, or more specifically your horse will see through your disguise and challenge you as their confident leader.

I have created this course to lead you through the way I teach people successfully all over the world how to get their MINDSET right when working with horses.

To start you need to remember why you started with horses! Because you love them and are fascinated by their beauty, elegance, mystery, companionship and love!

Once you get in touch with this first draw towards horses, we can rebuild your current state of mind around your confidence issues. Confidence issues around horses are all too common, and well founded too, they are 400-500kg+ animals that are reactive, flighty and can hurt you with out intending too!

On the other hand they are also some of the most willing and trusting partners I have ever come across, the empathy, love and connection your can build with your equine partner I believe is second to none.

So shut your eyes, when you are somewhere safe to do so, and picture yourself riding your horse across a beautiful open pasture, not at walk, but a slow rhythmic canter, you know the kind that feels like you are flying, now picture you putting your hands out either side of you like a bird flying through the clouds….

Picture the air flowing past your face, the sun beating down on your back, your horse loving the freedom, pricked ears, pure harmony. Remember this feeling, the joy and the confidence it brings you, without a worry in the world, a world where you can let go of your defences and just be….

Lock this image in your mind, we are going to need it later on!

I’ve built this program around a series of audio sessions to work not on the technical aspects of being with horses, but the mental components.

“The more I see and learn in the horsemanship world the more I see that people need help in maintaining a positive mindset around their horses, and how to conquer their fears and achieve their goals”


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7 Audio Sessions
15-20 mins per session



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Elite Horsemanship was founded out of a dream to educate and inspire through effective horsemanship. This has led to the formation of a worldwide community that is a place to share, laugh and seek support throughout this horsemanship journey.