More Empathy Less Agenda

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This only dawned on me recently, I had an extended time away from riding horses while focusing on our growing young family and had some time to reflect.  I realised why I felt like some aspects of my horsemanship were failing, it became a job with a strict agenda.  I had to get away from it, reflect about why I loved being with horses and it was then I realised that the more empathy I held towards horses the greater connection we could develop.

It was something that took me by surprise at first.  I experienced my old show mare do things that I could never have imagined we could do previously.  I found that starting liberty training uncovered some mistrust and holes in our relationship.  We had to start from scratch and reunite.

Its been such a rewarding experience and I encourage you to do the same with your horse no matter where you are at with your training.  Try more empathy and less agenda.  Go for a ride in the bush or along the beach, try a little liberty, play more, use your body language to communicate with your horse and reward as often as possible.

Don’t get me wrong you still have to be a confident leader, however you can do so with empathy towards the horse and offer more kindness than discipline.  I was taught once that anger starts where knowledge ends, this was a lesson I had to learn for myself, and to be honest I only learnt it through reflection.  If only I knew then what I know now.

All the best.


Justin Colquhoun

Hi There! I’m Justin Colquhoun. I founded Elite Horsemanship out of a dream to make real and effective horsemanship available to anyone at any level in the horse industry.