Hi, I’m Justin Colquhoun founder of Elite Horsemanship. Im on a mission ‘helping horses – helping people’. I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to travel Australia & the World conducting my live horse training events.  With over 900+ event attendees in the last few years I have gained a valuable insight into the common issues people all over the world are facing when trying to improve their horsemanship skills and conquer their own fears and self doubt around horses. I have now launched two new exciting ventures to further support and serve my EH community:

Elite Horse Sales 

A platform where I get to help ‘partner the right horses with the right people’. If you are looking for your next horse or if you are looking to sell a horse, simply contact me with the details.

Elite Horse Virtual Lessons

Where I provide a virtual horse training lessons to help my students all over the world.  I provide them with personalised advice and training tips needed when working with their horse at home. If you have a horse related issue that you are struggling with at home and you could do with some expert guidance, I’m here to help.

If you are interested in finding out more please send me an email justin@elitehorsemanship.com