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“Firstly, thank you for your interest in the EH Virtual Lessons!  Put simply, I just want to help more people. So I am offering online  horse training lessons to help and provide my advice on the next steps for both you and your horse.  I am available for a live video call to watch you working with your horse and help you in the actual arena!  Or you can simply send me a video of your horse session and I can review it and provide my advice in our lesson call.  Alternatively, we can have a voice call to discuss your current horse training requirements. If you have a horse related issue that you are struggling with at home, I want to help you. I look forward to meeting you in our first lesson!”

Cheers, Justin

We cover issues relating directly to your chosen sport and/or area of focus whether you are riding or just handling your horse on the ground.

Examples of what we can cover in our virtual lesson are:

“I totally recommend these virtual lessons. I’m based in Canterbury, New Zealand and I have had a number of coaching calls with Justin. They helped me and my horse enormously. It was great being able to analyse the videos with Justin, we could freeze frame the video and really see what was going on. It was also an opportunity for me to ask a lot of questions about building a fitness program for my horse. I’ll be signing up for more sessions.”

Sue Ruston – Canterbury NZ



$70 $50 AUD

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