Wild Horses

Wild horses stir something in my soul, and as a horseman I have had a yearning to search for some brumbies and spend some time with them.  I recently took a couple of days to search out and observe these amazing animals.  It was a pretty cool experience, I felt myself at peace with them.

After working with a lot of young and green horses, particularly the ones that haven’t been handled before I have a real appreciation for their free spirit and wild nature.  I know that my opportunity to work further with some wild horses will come soon.  I hope that I can share the experience of being with wild horses with you one day, It puts a lot of things in perspective.

All the best.


Justin Colquhoun

Hi There! I’m Justin Colquhoun. I founded Elite Horsemanship out of a dream to make real and effective horsemanship available to anyone at any level in the horse industry.